Top 10 Ecommerce sites in NEPAL

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Top 10 ecommerce sites in nepal

Ecommerce is still immature in Nepal.
Even though the websites are doing well, they still lack the public
exposure and lack of genuine product . Buying something from Internet
is myth in Nepal. People still afraid to do online payment because of security problems.

E-commerce is first started in 2000 A.D by “brick and mortar” company in USA .

 In the past 10 years eCommerce have totally changed. Different payment gateway
start evolving. Company start investing millions of dollar in security and user’s experience.
Nepal is still immature in all these kind of stuff. Majority of E-commerce website provides
service to only big cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara.
Nepalese people still don’t trust companies totally.

In Nepal many more sites lunches for online store there are many sites are not trusted,
Here are the trusted and established company list,  TOP 10 E-commerce website of Nepal
according to alexa site info popularity and sites people visit till this post writing. lets check
these online stores.

Here are the list of top 10-ecommerce websites of Nepal.Top 10 ecommerce sites in nepal

#10. rank in Nepal- 3558

#9. rank in Nepal- 2158

#8. Rank in Nepal 1611

#7. Rank in Nepal 901
#6. Rank in Nepal 781
#5. Rank in Nepal 559


#4. Rank in Nepal 460
#3. Rank in Nepal 435


#2. Rank in Nepal 363
#1. Rank in Nepal 84
 Top 10 ecommerce sites in nepal
Source :- –  alexa ranking
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