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Dashing Jigarwala 2017

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Dashing Jigarwala 2017.

Storyline: Dashing Jigarwala 720p Hindi Dubbed of The Great Father in which

A father attempting to seek justice for his daughter simultaneously crosses

paths with a policeman. Sara (Baby Anikha) is a smart little school girl and

so what she want. David Ninan (Mammootty) is Her daredevil dad. The little

world consisting of the dad, daughter and her mom (Sneha) is shattered when

something perilous happens out of the blue. Now, all that matters to David is

restoring justice and above all, his daughter’s happy face.



Story: Samuel (Shaam) is a police officer investigating serial child abuse and

murder crimes. He receives a phone call from a child abuser, who calls himself

“Joker”. Samuel tracks his location, goes to his place and is killed by the Joker.

The cases are picked up by Officer Andrews Eappan (Arya), from CBCID. The story then

shifts to Sarah David (Anikha), a 10-year-old girl whose hero is her father David

Nainan (Mammootty), a well known builder. One day when he returns home from his

office, he finds Sarah lying unconscious after being brutally raped. Shattered,

he takes her to the hospital where his wife, Dr. Michelle (Sneha), works.

After recovering, Sarah reveals that it was Joker who attacked her.

An enraged David and Michelle decide to find and kill him to protect other girls.

David starts his own investigation independent of the police, causing Andrews to

become suspicious. Andrews discovers that David’s daughter was one of the Joker’s

victims, and aggressively questions Sarah at home while David is away. David warns

Andrews off for upsetting his daughter. Both David and Andrew start receiving calls

from the Joker, and compete as to who will find and get to the Joker first. The Joker

attacks Andrews and David, but David manages to overpower and kill him. After, when

Andrews asks David who the Joker was, David tells him that it was James, who was working

in his office. Andrews confesses to having wanted to kill Joker too.

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